This Time

from by Nick Wallaki

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This time

Yo it’s time, summer time autumn time somewhere
Around the world it’s time.
it’s Indonesia time, it’s for people to realise this’ a
country for the people, a country for the world
here’s a little story about my time Indonesia

Yo I wanna go back to Indonesia go see my baby girl
Mona Lisa I miss you so much I really need ya wanna
hold ya kiss and squeeze ya thinkin’ bout the time
you were kind took my mind and my life gave me
paradise something to conceptualise looking through
beautiful eyes hearing sweetest little lies warming up
my appetite thinking straight aiming right in the village
mountain high felt like I could touch the sky praise the
sun drop my gun give my love to everyone the prince
of peace finally home didn’t need no chaperone don’t
worry bout your banking loans and no more need to
sleep alone come on

This time baby
Come on sing it
This time baby
Yo kita akan berjuang
This time baby
Yo come on sing it now
This time baby
We’re gonna stay strong

So the islands took my heart and soul really started to
call it my home even got myself a little boat made of wood
how I would row loved how life was really slow still all my
friends we’re yelling go toe to toe ocean roll five different
ways to say hello and messing with the ocean finding island
love probably like the time I was five looking to the sky and
searching out so high above I knew that I could feel the love
but really couldn’t get enough well now’s your time open
eyes these are your forever skies (chorus)

So I learnt a new language gave up living anguish kalau kamu
memang mau kita bisa pergi jauh something bout going far
wish upon a shooting star matahari yang terang membuat
Kampung ini nyaman the morning sun is shining down shining
out to everyone shining down to everyone who’s gonna sing
along now what I could say next could make you kinda
depressed but this’ a song about love and givin’ out your
hearts best & bless the world bless Indonesia, here’s a lil
rhyme let’s you know I really need ya:
ku memang pernah menghilang ada kehilangan hampir
segalanya tapi aku berjuang karna cinta dia pemenang bisa
menyenang kehidupan jadi come on sing along jika kau merasa
cinta didalam hati kamu kan jangan melupakan tuk makan
banyak makanan yang sehat agar kamu akan menjadi seorang
yang kuat jadi ayo orang-orang kembali ke susunan kata-kata
yang senang tetap kuat tetap Ha tetap sang pemimpi yO

we can walk through the fields of life you could take my hand
become my wife this is Indonesia and its 2000 & wow this is
the last chance that we might get somehow so come on sing
along if you’re hearing it now if you’re having a quiet night or
raising a brow come on this is the time this is the place this is
the moment sing it high to all my friends that are waiting up
in the sky yeah waiting in the fields waiting at the beach yeah
found a little extra time so I thought maybe I could teach yeah
menjadi guru untuk anak-anak yang mau menjadi musisi di
jalan-jalan yo kita memang harus pergi jauh untuk dapat impian
yang kita mau yeah take it slow out on your own and ya know
don’t hold on too tight if you really wanna let it go come on


from Across the Water, released December 26, 2015
Nick Wallaki
Vocals / guitars / didgeridoo

Bogie Prasetyo

Patricio Zuniga Labarca
Bass / gitaras / keys

Dewa Agung Perdana
Electric guitar

Bass trk 5,7,8

Rizal Abdulhadi
Bamboo lapsteel guitar

Chris Lane

Gendang Sunda

Back up Harmonies
Bonita Deva Agunk Afro Moses
Lisa Donnelly Sendri Kiki
Windu (keys ‘Pagi Siang’)

All songs written by Nick Wallaki

Produced by Nick Wallaki
Engineered by Raka Bintara
Mix and mastered by Simon Cotsworth
Recorded at Antida Studio, Denpasar &
Swarapadi Studio Ubud.

I would like to thank my parents for all their unconditional love and support
Also my brothers & friends far and wide who have supported us along the way.
Kepada keluarga ku terbesar di Indonesia, terima Kasih atas setiap
Detik yang selalu penuh inspirasi bersama-sama

Salam Shalom
Thanks for listening,


tags: folk Indonesia


all rights reserved


Nick Wallaki Bali, Indonesia

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